How Much Does Belgian College Tuition Cost? for international students

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Undergraduate fees in Belgium are very reasonable for both European and international students. The final fee is determined by the region you have chosen to study, your chosen major and, in some cases, your country of origin. Plenty of scholarship opportunities is also offered to students with outstanding academic achievements.

Belgium has a number of tuition-free universities, which are perfect for international students looking to study in the country. These universities offer a wide range of degrees, from arts and humanities to sciences and engineering.

University fees in Belgium: Flemish region:

In the Dutch-speaking region, the tuition fee for full-time degree programs is around €940 per year for European students. For non-European citizens, university fees in Belgium fluctuate from €940-6000 depending on the programme. Programs in medicine, dentistry, or an MBA cost much more.

Students will also have to register for a credit or test contract, a credit contract costs around 245 euros and a test contract costs 111 euros. For more detailed information on the exact cost of studying for the program of your choice, contact your Belgian university.

University fees in Belgium: Wallonia region

In the Belgian Walloon French-speaking region, European students will have to pay a maximum annual tuition fee of €835. For international non-European students, the annual fee is set at 4,175 EUR. Again, the cost may go up if you are enrolled in a medical degree or MBA. For more detailed information contact your university directly.

Registration fees apply to university colleges and art schools in French-speaking Belgium

At university colleges and art schools in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the amount of tuition fees depend on the type of studies, the year involved and the student’s status:

For Wallonia-Brussels students or citizens of EU member states:

For short courses, the maximum annual tuition fee will be €175.01 per year, and €227.24 for the year of graduation.
For long-term courses, the maximum annual tuition fee will be €350.03 per year, and €454.47 for the year of graduation.

Students who are not EU citizens will be required to pay a specific registration fee:

For single-cycle higher education: €992 per year;
For education in two cycles:

  • First cycle: 1,487 euros per academic year
  • Second cycle: 1,984 euros per academic year

If you want to know more about the full tuition fee waiver as an international student click here

Best Scholarships in Belgium:

A variety of scholarships in Belgium are available for international students who aim to pursue academic studies in Belgium. Scholarships are offered at all academic levels and not only by the government but also by the private sector to students who meet certain criteria.

Some of the scholarships in Belgium include:

  • Belgian Technical Cooperation Scholarships
  • VLIR-UOS Scholarship for Training and Masters
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Scholarship
  • Science @ Leuven Scholarships for International Students
  • Ghent University Private Doctoral Research Fund
  • Undergraduate Agency of Francophonie (AUF) Scholarship
  • FRS-FNRS Scholarship
  • Innoviris . Scholarship
  • Mind Master Scholarship

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